Class Details

Hatha yoga classes


These weekly classes will begin with an opportunity to become present utilising relaxation and breathing practices (pranayama). This will be followed by some energising and revitalising postures (asana), approached in a mindful way to begin the day with vitality. Then we will wind down with some meditative and restorative poses moving into a final relaxation or meditation so you can move through your day with calm and clarity. 

Classes are suitable to all levels - including beginners - and to every-BODY.

R & R sessions


Take some time out to reduce stress and tension, and reset the body and mind. 

Experience a restorative yoga class focused on cultivating inner awareness, rest and stillness in your mind and body. You will be guided through restorative and meditative yoga postures, breathing practices and relaxation processes to switch on your parasympathetic nervous system (your ‘rest and digest’ response).

Includes a drink and raw treat to add extra indulgence to your Sunday afternoon.



A mantra is a sacred word or sound repeated, to aid in concentration and meditation.

I will introduce one mantra each month.

We will explore practices that cultivate the energy of the mantra, including breath, yoga positions and relaxation processes. 

We will also explore mantra meditation and kirtan, and you will be encouraged to create a daily practice (sadhana) in between sessions to integrate the energy of the mantra into your daily life.